Giant Godzilla Head at Toho Cinemas in Shinjuku

A life-sized giant Godzilla head is now on display in Shinjuku.  It officially opened in late April along with the movie theatres.  Up on the terrace level where itis displayed, you can walk outside from the cinemas and get a look at it up close and personal.  The Hotel Gracery there also has special Godzilla themed rooms to rent that look pretty sweet, but they'll cost you a pretty penny to stay.  You can look out the windows and see Godzilla staring back in.

UPDATE: I've heard that you need to be a guest of the hotel or eat at the restaurant there to go out onto the terrace to see the head up close.  Otherwise, bring a zoom lens to see it in detail.

I walked out of the Shinjuku Station exit by Studio Alta and heard loud thumping noises like giant footsteps.  Then there was the deafening roar from Godzilla.  There was this big promotional display for the new Toho Theatres there.  It was a pretty cool experience and a nice Godzilla welcome!
A giant replica tail breaks out of the sign.
Pretty hard to miss this super tall, snazzy new building with a Godzilla.

The Toho Cinemas are pretty easy to find as it is in the Kabukicho area near the Don Quijote.  Just walk down the busy street there and look to the north to see the big head.

The Don Quixote Store on the big street Yasukuni Dori
Looking down the street to see the giant head.  Some people apparently didn't see the head until they saw me taking photos.  They then took their own pictures too!  All we need is a screaming crowd running away from it now.
Close to the big Godzilla.
The giant Godzilla head up close.  It actually looks quite good, and Big G looks like he is looking down on you.

When I was there, the theatres had not opened yet, but I could still see the statue of the head which does look like Godzilla is looking down on you.  The head is based on the original 1954 Godzilla.  A good post with some more information about Godzilla and the hotel at the Huffington Post.

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