Nikujirumen Susumu Akiba Cup Noodles by Nissin

This is another limited edition, ramen shop collaboration cup noodle from Nissin for the fall / winter of 2017.  The cup noodle was prepared under the supervision of Nikujirumen Susumu ramen shop, located in Akihabara. Their address is at 3-7-12 Sogankada , Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, a five minute walk from the JR Akihabara Electric Town entrance, and north of Akiba Zone.

This noodle cup is putting a focus on Akihabara, the otaku mecca in Tokyo, via Nikujirumen, which is famous for having lots of meat piled on their ramen.  A quick look at their menu shows you can even select the level of meat from levels 1 to 8 where each level represents 100 grams.  Alongside the pork and beef are thicker noodles, a soy based broth with garlic, and generous amounts of green onions with optional raw egg and rice to go along with this. 
Very pretty graphics on the front of the cup.  Definitely looks tasty.
The cup itself is a brilliant, eye-catching yellow colour, with bright red lettering for the name of the noodle cup.  It shows the meat covered noodles, with a dollop of egg yolk, and a cute high-school girl at the top.
The top of the cup has a packet of egg sauce on it.
The lid by itself.
The back of the cup.  You can see a cartoon of a guy biting into one of those fictitious legs of dino meat. Text indicates you can have all the juicy meat you want at the restaurant by meat level.  The cartoon guy is also on their restaurant sign.
Nutritional information and ingredients.  This is a large cup noodle and the fat content is like 25% higher than the usual, translating to big flavour though.
Celebrating the fact this is an Akiba special, there is a anime style graphic of Ikimono Naruto, a second year high school student who loves ramen.
Closeup of the meat and egg yolk on the front of the cup.
Bottom of the lid.  It shows our ramen loving girl again and she is basically saying how she would love to try everything at the restaurant.  Nice promotional tie-in.
Now for the contents of the cup.  As you can see, there is plenty of soup stock powder, blocks of dehydrated pork and thin slices of it too, and plenty of green onion.
The noodles and meat after they were rehydrated in boiling water for 4 minutes.  Sure looks pretty good.  I then added the packet of egg sauce too and mixed it into the broth.
This is a pretty tasty cup noodle.  The soy broth had a deep flavour profile that had the slightest hints of garlic, the soy itself, and the richness from the stock and egg sauce.  The noodles were also a thicker noodle that was firm, but not elastic when you chewed on it.  Nice noodles and the meats went along just fine with this flavour profile.  I've seen the little slices of meat before too, but never had them mixed with the regular Nissin meat cubes.  Hopefully, this collaboration brings some extra business to the Nikujirumen Susumu ramen shop as I know that I'll have a look for the restaurant when I'm in the area.
Closeup of the noodles and meat.

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