Tokyo Banana Kit Kats (+ Japanese Treats From My 2017 Trip)

This is an overview post of some of the tasty goodies I bought for the trip home.  When you travel, it nice to be able to have a taste of the country you were visiting weeks after being back in your house.

Tokyo Banana Kit Kat
These were the latest and greatest Japanese Kit Kats available when I was visiting Tokyo in December 2017.  A collaboration between Tokyo Banana, famous for their little sponge cakes filled with cream, and Kit Kat.  You could only buy these at a food souvenir store near Character street in the basement mall of Tokyo Station. There were short lineups for them still when I was visiting as they had been out for a few weeks already. 

Some of the reviewers said they had a great banana flavour.  When I had them, I thought the banana flavour was actually a little artificial tasting.  Another guy from the office thought the same too.  Nice to try, but I wouldn't get it again.
Attractive gift box, something that is almost always done right.
Back of the box
You get 8 bars inside the gift box.

The Other Snacks I Packed

Matcha almond berry Kit Kats.  By the bag!
Muji dehydrated strawberrys covered in green tea chocolate.  These are yummy, with a nice matcha taste mixing with the tartness of the whole dried strawberries.
Chocolate covered strawberries and deep fried veggie chips.
Japanese peanuts and crackers mix.  Yummy with beer or other drinks.
Muji squash chips.  These were pretty good, but I didn't quite meet my higher expectations that I had imagined.  Nice squash flavour though.
These are ume sheets of pressed pickled plum.  Kind of reminded me of Chinese pickled and dried plums.  These were really good and I wish I had bought like 10 packs as they aren't very big.

Rice crackers from Muji.  These have always been really good.
These were a new item for the fall of 2017.  I had tried the previous sake Kit Kat before, but this deluxe Sake Kit Kat lives up to the hype and has a great sake taste to it.  Very authentic.
Sakenomy - side of the box. This Kit Kat is made with Masuizumi, a sake that has been made by its brewer for over a century.
Back of the Sake Kit Kat Box.
Some more typical chocolates with strawberry as a theme!
Strawberry Cheese Cake Kit Kats in the Mt. Fuji gift box.
You get like 9 bars inside the box.  This is a really tasty strawberry Kit Kat.  One of my favourites.
Two kinds of gum.  The Xylish is like a mint fruit gum, while the Lotte Brain Gum is supposed to help you think as it has some ginko extract.

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