Monday, April 15, 2019

Little Experiences in Tokyo - #3 Shinjuku Weekend Morning

While Shinjuku buzzes with people and energy at night, the weekend mornings are a different story.  It can be quite quiet and peaceful when the restaurants and shops are not open.  Shopping doesn't open until 11 AM for most most malls.  In the mornings there are not many people out and about in the neighbourhood or even in the local parks.  In the commercial areas you can see delivery trucks bringing their daily load of food to the depachika and the sanitation department hard at work to tidy up.  It is kind of nice to walk around the city when it is cooler and not so busy.
Empty park.
Even the konbini was pretty empty in the morning.
A restaurant in the morning.
Restaurant and entertainment area.  You can see all of the empty beer and liquor crates out front.
Entertainment area.
Some restaurants.
Vending machine in a small parking lot.
These busy restaurant and bar areas are near the train station, but south of Yasakuni Dori, away from Kabukicho.  The streets are narrow and the buildings not quite as big.  Kind of more inviting in some ways.
A restaurant.
These morning sets for breakfast are pretty good deals and you get a place to sit down and eat.
At first glance it looked like the signs are about a cat coming to visit for food, but it is really a cute sign with cats indicating they have takeout - meow.  I thought they even had a little step built for the cats, but nope - it is maybe for kids or just a stack of trays.
Animate Shinjuku store for anime goods and anime events.
Construction site with some heavy duty steel beams.  Built to earthquake resistant code I sure.
One Piece Chopper character safety barriers! Only in Japan.
Shinjuku West Side.  Not that busy in the mid-morning now.
Bakery for breakfast!
Mont Blancs!
Nice croissants.
Evangelion Pachinko.

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