Akihabara Girls Und Panzer Display at Gamers

Girls und Panzer das Finale movie 1 of 6 premiered on December 9, three days after I left Tokyo, but I still managed to catch some of the excitement at Gamers in Akihabara. I'm a big fan of the series that combines cute girls and tanks!  It's a fun, but unrealistic series about tank battle competitions where no one dies, which is good thing.  Anyhow, the show is pretty popular so it is now receiving even more movies to wrap up the events with the current set of main characters.
The famous Gamers Store in Akihabara
A giant poster advertisement for the first movie as seen from the train station platform.
Gamer's exhibit space.  I've seen some good stuff here.

The Team Anglerfish main characters from left to right: Saori Takebe (radio operator), Hana Isuzu (gunner), Miho Nishizumi (commander), Yukari Akiyama (loader), Mako Reizei (driver)
The life-sized cardboard cutouts of the main girls.
BC Freedom High- French themed school and tank team from the Finale movies.

They had a lot of anime frames from the new movie up.
More artwork.
The exhibit wasn't huge, but they had a fair bit of merchandise, most of which didn't really appeal to me unfortunately.  It was still fun to look at the characters up close and see all of the flags and art though.
There's always a pile of artwork and such at Gamers, even in the stairways.  This is from Knights and Magic, a fun magical mech show that I quite like too.

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