Giant Godzilla Head Up Close and Godzilla Store Shinjuku

I went to visit the giant, life-sized, Godzilla head again this trip to get up close to it.  I couldn't get up close to see it last year as I came too late in the day after they closed it at 9 pm.  You're supposed to be a guest of the hotel or a patron at the bar / cafe there to go out on the terrace to see it according to the security guard, so I had a very nice Japanese whiskey first.  The head also lights up and spits smoke on a schedule.

This year I saw the Godzilla head before Star Wars the Last Jedi was released.  There was advertising for Star Wars in both Shinjuku and Shibuya.  I also thought that the Godzilla Store that just opened in the fall of 2017 was there at the same building but I was wrong.  The Godzilla Store is in the OIOI Marui Annex Shinjuku which is some distance away.  Anime specialty stores (for a show or studio) are not as large as you would expect (e.g. Production IG, Evangelion, Godzilla), but you can still have some good fun shopping at them.  The giant Godzilla head was great after seeing it up close and personal - just a fun thing to do - no giant Godzillas where I'm from.
Giant Godzilla head and Star Wars banner.
A new person-sized godzilla statue was in the hotel lobby this year.
The Godzilla Resurgence Godzilla statue that was there in 2016.
Looking out to the giant Godzilla Head at night.
I'm about to be eaten!  Help!  I really wouldn't want to be this close to the original Godzilla.  We did some fun posing around with the giant head.
The giant head overlooks Shinjuku.
A block away is the Bandai VR Zone Entertainment Complex for VR games and rides.
Very nice interior.  I'm not really into wearing headsets and such myself so I passed on this.
Some of the VR attractions there.
Gods of wind and thunder themed vending machines advertising thie okonomiyaki restaurant.
LABI - like you saw it on Your Name.
Yasukuni Dori main street with bikes and shops.
Fancy Louis Vuitton displays for Xmas.
DC Justice League Movie playing.
The Godzilla Store goods.
I wouldn't mind one of these Godzilla vapourizers that spits out steam under a blue light.  Atomic breath humidity anyone?
Another anime series tie-in.
Godzilla Monster Planet figure.  Monster Planet was just out and there was a fair bit of merchandise for it.  I still have to see it at the time of writing this, but It'll be on Netflix in January 2018!
Another very cool umbrella store at the Marui Annex in Shinjuku.  Also in this mall are a number of smaller stores.  Noteably there is a Seria dollar store - you've heard of Daiso, but you should also check out Seria here.

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