Snacking on the Go in Tokyo (onigiri, sandwiches, karaage, ...)

There were plenty of times I needed to take a break from all the walking, shopping, museum viewing, etc.  I'd look for a park bench or just some place to sit peacefully and have a snack and a drink.  If a coffee shop was nearby, that was good too!  So here is a compilation of snack pictures that were not sit-down breakfasts/lunches/dinner.  You could snack all day over here as long as the stomach and money held out.
Salmon rice ball and a canned coffee!  Always yummy.
Krispy Kreme Xmas Doughnuts.  They look great!
This doughnut was so tasty and has an apple pie filling inside - amazing.
Starbucks chocolate / raspberry frappucino.  Was tasty, but loads of calories.
The awesome egg salad sandwich, riceball, and canned coffee.
Some rice crackers, veggie chips, and beer!
Potato croquette from Kamakura Station.
This was really tasty.  Wanted another one.
Beer and ume (pickled plum) snacks
Strawberry juice and yet another rice ball.
Canned coffees, a Yamazaki Sandwich, and juice.
Lawson Red Chicken Nuggets!
7-11 boneless fried chicken and a rice ball for a mid-morning snack.  Was starving this day.
There is always so much to try to eat for snacks and drinks.  I've never had enough.

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