Anime and Games Set in Akihabara 2017 Update

I last blogged about anime set in Akihabara back in 2012 at this post.  There were shows and games set there already as it was the heart of otakudom, but in the last five years, even more anime and games have come out.  Most importantly, Love Live! School Idol Project was released and became a huge hit.  Love Live! was set in the Akihabara area with the fictitious Otonokizaka High School and Kanda Myojin Shrine.  I did a big blog post about Love Live! and Akihabara here.  The show made anime pilgrimages to the shrine and the area a must for many fans to give the area a huge boost in popularity.  It brought in more casual anime fans and some of the millions of players who play the popular Love Live! rhythm game on smart phones (which is still going strong today).  Prior to this, I'd say the biggest anime/game to come out about Akihabara was the time travel story for Stein's Gate - still one of my favourites (and it features the old Radio Kaikan building too!).
Love Live! Sunshine display in Akiba.
Love Live figurines.  They are still pretty common, but are getting rarer in Akiba as time passes.  There are lots of Love Live! Sunshine figures now too.
2013 Love Live! School Idol Project - I love this show.  Cute girls, great music, a fantastic story of friendship and hope, and dancing and singing.  I don't usually like musicals, but Macross and Love Live! are exceptions to the rule and maybe Sound of Music.  This show is about nine high school girls who become idols and compete nationally to attract attention and increase enrolment at their high school which is in danger of being shutdown.
2013 Outbreak Company - the otaku protagonist, Shinichi, and his elven maid/bodyguard visit Akihabara where Shinichi's roots and knowledge are vast.  It was a pretty good episode with maid cafes, trains, and modern conveniences.
2013 Akiba's Trip Game - a fighting game set in Akihabara where you must defeat Synthisters who are vampires sensitive to light by stripping off their protective clothing in hand to hand combat.  Was cool for the accurate representation of Akihabara streets.
2014 Denki-Gai - set in a fictitious doujinshi (fan comic) store in Akiba (resembles Toranoana) and chronicles the sometimes hectic lives of the oddball staff there.
2015 Etotama - set in Akihabara, where a cat girl is trying to join the Chinese zodiac and has to compete in the ETM12 competition to join the zodiac.
2016 Love Live! Sunshine - The characters visit Akihabara several times as it is also the heart of idol competition at the Akiba Dome.
2016 Akiba's Beat - PS4 and Vita game set in Akihabara.  Not as good as Akiba's Trip, but another fighter that battles in the area.
2017 Akiba's Trip Anime - an anime set in Akihabara based on the game of the same name.  Lots of Akiba culture, but I never did get into this show.

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