Sunday, January 21, 2018

Late Autumn Colors at Koishikawa Korakuen Garden, Tokyo

I did an early morning visit to Koishikawa Korakuen Garden in early December.  Some of the trees that changed colours earlier had already dropped their leaves, but there were some Japanese maples with brilliant red and other trees with various yellows and reds mixed in too.  It was just past peak for some of the maples, but many other had already dropped leaves on the ground.

The garden is one of the oldest in Tokyo and tries to reproduce many landscapes in miniature.  There are many walking trails around a central lake and it is right next to the Tokyo Dome which is fairly unobtrusive from many angles.  It is a very pretty garden and well worth a trip if you like gardens.  I went up using the JR Chuo Line and had a 10 minute walk from Suidobashi Station.
Time for some beautiful autumn colours.
On the way to the Chuo Line platform in Akihabara I noticed this vending machine.  It is a rare machine that sells milk. Rocketnews had a writeup about this.
Canals and elevated freeways on the walk to the garden.
Main lake with the Tokyo Dome behind it.
Bridge under repair.
Stone bridge
Stone bridge
Woods in colour.
Very brilliant reds.
Maples past peak red.  A nice colourful umbrella.
Picturesque island in the lake.
Panorama of the lake. It is really nice that Tokyo has these beautiful parks even though there are skyscrapers all around.  It was quite tranquil there for the most part.
Fallen leaves on water.
Red!  Where I'm from, most leaves just turn yellow in the fall.
The island in the lake again.  There is a tiny Shinto shrine on the island.  The bright red.
Small pathway.
Really nice mix of colours.
The lake again from another angle.
Lake and the island at the far side.
Fallen leaves.
Brilliant red maple leaves.  This was nice!
We arrived there early enough for very few people to be there.  After an hour or so, more people started to show up and lots of them had cameras.  There were many fall colour photographers there when we left.

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