Saturday, January 27, 2018

Nissin Big Cheese Tomato Potato Pizza Cup Noodle

This could certainly be a Japanese pizza in a cup.  It has potato, tomato, and cheese, a combination you wouldn't normally find in North America.  I've had Nissins Chili Tomato Cup Noodle before and it actually wasn't bad at all, but not my first choice compared to the other flavours.  This Pizza Cup Noodle was actually pretty good overall, but was of a different flavour family than the more Japanese flavoured cup noodles.
View of the cup.  Orange is a very predominant colour, and it certainly would stand out on a shelf of cup noodles in the store.  There is a very nice use of yellow to bring out highlights and the red Tomato letters really stand out nicely.  The BIG is very BIG and bold, as it is a larger cup noodle.
The lid of the cup certainly looks like a pizza from the way the ingredients are spread out.  It certainly looks delicious.
The front side of the cup with the tomato graphic right in the middle with the word Tomato in the middle.
Ingredients and manufacturers information on the back.
Nutritional content.  It is a 20.7 grams of fat, but some of that is from the cheese, which tasty, but is not a diet food anywhere.
You can see the image of the tomato covered in cheese better on the front of the cup in this photo.
The ingredients inside the cup.  You can see the typical noodles found in cup noodle, tomato soup powder, big pieces of potato, little blocks of dehydrated tomato in red, some cabbage, and little blocks of cheese.
After adding boiling water and waiting three minutes the ingredients were nicely hydrated.  The little blocks of tomato even kept their shape.  You can see the cheese blocks were partially melted, and when I thoroughly mixed the noodles and soup, the cheese just blended in to make it more thick and savoury.
You can see some of the Italian spices on the side of the cup and in the soup.  Tomato noodles!
While many of the ingredients for pizza are certainly in this cup of noodle, I would not say it was like pizza, but it had a nice light, tomato flavour that tasted really good, while not being overly strong.  The cheese melted into the soup adding richness with a hint of cheesiness to everything, including the noodles which had rehydrated nicely.  This was a nice tasty instant ramen that was good to have when you wanted a change of pace from soy based soup.  I would definitely eat this again or even their regular Chili Tomato flavour.

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