The Wave and The Bungle Bungle

I covered a few cool locations for anime or a real life visit last time, so here are a few more exotic locations for anime.  I might try to get to both of these in person one day! Do have relatives to visit in Australia and Arizona is on the same continent...

The Wave, Arizona, USA
The state only issues a few passes a day to visit this delicate site out in the desert.  It looks spectacular with all of the curves and lines.  Apparently it is a "fossilized" sand dune that you kind of almost stumble upon. One person described it as you are walking through the desert then all of a sudden you are in this amazing terrain.
The Wave From DIVA007
by AyaLaw

Bungle Bungle, Australia

The Bungle Bungle Ranges in Kimberly, Western Australia. They look like great big striped beehives.

Bungle Bungle by neeravbhatt
Bungle Bungle by neeravbhatt

by mgjefferies


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