Tokyo and Kamakura Visit and Sights

I recently returned from a trip to Tokyo and Kamakura from the end of November to early December in 2017.  It wasn't one of these trips I just absolutely had to do, but I do like visiting Tokyo and getting a fix of Japanese culture once a year.

The special things that happened this trip were:
  1. My first visit to Kamakura
  2. Catching the red autumn foliage just past their peak
  3. Visiting the International Robot Expo (IREX) that only runs once every two years.
  4. Seeing the new Gundam Base and the giant Unicorn Gundam out in front of Diver City.
  5. Seeing the Christmas light shows at Caretta Shiodome and Tokyo Midtown.
In addition, I revisited old haunts and saw a number of new areas and things too.  A big part of the trip is always about eating Japanese food (always want ramen!) and snacking at konbinis too. I managed to spend more time in Akihabara than normal to do my anime sightseeing and shopping, visit the new Hokusai Museum, and see the new Ginza Six shopping mall too.  While I wasn't able to hit as many bakeries this trip, due to the poor proximity of hotel to bakeries with seating, but I had plenty of good food otherwise.  My feet we pretty sore from all the walking.  By the end, I was ready for a nice rest.

Unicorn Gundam
Day 1 - IREX / Odaiba / Tori-No-Ichi / Gundam
Giant Unicorn Gundam and IREX Robot Exhibition in Tokyo 2017
Asakusa Tori No Ichi Shrine Festival
  • Odaiba
  • Int. Robot Exhibit (IREX)
  • Tokyo Big Sight
  • Gundam Base + Diver City Gundam Docks Festival
  • Odaiba Unicorn Gundam
  • Aqua City / Decks Mall
  • Takoyaki Street in Decks
  • Sensoji Temple
  • Oootori Shrine
  • Tori-no-ichi III Festival

Day 2 -  Shibuya / Shinjuku / Godzilla
Shimbashi Scenes Both Night and Day
Giant Godzilla Head Up Close and Godzilla Store Shinjuku
Christmas Illuminations in Tokyo (Fantastic Lights at Caretta Shiodome and Tokyo Midtown)
Hello Kitty Shibuya Station Xmas Decorations
Tokyo Banana Kit Kats (+ Japanese Treats From My 2017 Trip)
Snacking on the Go in Tokyo - onigiri, sandwiches, karaage, ...
  • See Shibuya
  • Hachiko Statue
  • Scramble Crossing
  • Starbucks
  • Mega Donki
  • Boul'ange Shibuya
  • D47 Design Travel Hikarie 8F
  • Production IG Store / One Piece Mugiwara Store
  • Takashimaya Times Square - Food Floor
  • Katsukura 14F Takashimaya
  • Shinjuku
  • Godzilla Head
  • Godzilla Store
  • Omotesando
  • Tokyu Plaza
  • Kiddyland
  • Oriental Bazaar
  • Shiodome Caretta Xmas Lights
  • Ootoya Shiodome

Day 3 - Daytrip to Kamakura
My Kamakura Highlights - Part 1 (Engakuji, Kenchoji, Hachimangu)
My Kamakura Highlights - Part 2 (Great Buddha, Hasedera, Zeniarai Benten)
  • Exit at Kita-Kamakura Station
  • Engakuji
  • Kenchoji
  • Tsurugaoka Hachimangu
  • Hokokuji
  • Enoden Train to Hase Station
  • Daibutsu Great Buddha
  • Hasedera
  • Enoden to Kamakura Station
  • Zeniarai Benten
  • Return to Tokyo
  • Ichiran Ramen Shimbashi

Day 4 - Skytree / Hokusai / Akihabara / Roppongi
Morning Views of the Tokyo Skytree 
Hokusai Museum and the Skytree Town Pokemon Center
Around Akihabara
Bandai Tamashi Nations Show In Akihabara Dec 2017
Akihabara Girls Und Panzer Display at Gamers
  • Hokusai Museum
  • Views of Skytree
  • Solomachi Mall
  • Pokemon Center
  • Macross Valkyrie
  • Akihabara
  • Bandai Tamashi Nations Exhibit
  • Mori Tower/Mori Museum
  • Doraemon Art
  • Maman Spider
  • Tokyo Midtown
  • Tokyo Midtown Christmas Light Show
  • Tokyo Station
  • Tokyo Station Ramen Street / Character Street
  • Ramen Dinner

Day 5 - Tsukiji / Ginza
Ginza and the Amazing Ginza Six Mall
Camp Curry (Camp Express Shinagawa) For A Tasty Meal
Granblue Fantasy Popup Store And Final Fantasy YL Collab
Anime Goods Stores in Tokyo
  • Tsukiji
  • Namiyoke Inari / Tamago Shrine
  • First Yoshinoya
  • Ryu Sushi
  • Ginza
  • Ginza Six / Ginza Six Rooftop
  • Muji Flagship Store
  • Watch Bullet Trains From 3rd Floor Kotsu Kaikan
  • Tokyo International Forum
  • Akihabara at Night
  • Shinagawa Station + New Sony Aibo
  • Camp Express For Curry Dinner

Day 6 - Korakuen / Yanaka
Late Autumn Colors at Koishikawa Korakuen Garden, Tokyo
Old Yanaka and Its Cemetery
Delicious Tokyo Ramen at Ippudo, Ichiran, Chiyogami, Kamukura, and Soranoiro NipponB-Kyu Food of Japan (aka Tasty Everyday Food) 
  • Korakuen Garden
  • Old Yanaka Neigbourhood
  • Yanaka Cemetery to look for cats unsuccessfully - must have been in the wrong part.
  • Tokyo Station / Oyakudon For Lunch
  • Marunouchi
  • Shinjuku / Yasukuni Dori Main Street at Night
  • Omoide Yokocho Memory Lane
  • Shibuya at Night
  • Ramen at Kamukura
  • Shopping at Mega Donki / Tokyu Hands

Day 7 - Last Day / Imperial Palace
Atago Shrine and Toranomon Hills in Shimbashi
Imperial Palace East Gardens + Fortifications On A Fine Morning
47 Ronin Real World Locations
Go Go Curry In Akihabara
Nikujirumen Susumu Akiba Cup Noodles
Famous Ramen Shop Konjiki Hototogisu Cup Noodle
Japanese Emergency Rations (Disaster Prevention Goods)
  • Around Shimbashi
  • Toranomon Hills
  • Atago Shrine / Stone Steps of Success
  • Imperial Palace East Gardens
  • Akihabara / Go Go Curry / Shopping
  • Kanda Myojin Shrine
  • Tokyo Station Again / Soranoiro Nippon Ramen Chuka Ramen (Umami dashi ramen)
  • To Haneda Airport

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