Go Go Curry In Akihabara

If you are walking up north Chuo Dori from the Akihabara Electric Town Exit you will see a bright yellow restaurant on your left with a photo of a giant gorilla.  This is Go Go Curry, one of many outlets of a chain of these famous curry restaurants.  It is often very busy and all of the seats are full of dinners getting their curry fix.  I have been to Akihabara many times, and on this trip, one of my visits was timed right so there wasn't a big lineup for the place and I was hungry for lunch!!!

Finally, I managed to eat at Go Go Curry!  I have to say that I was hoping I wouldn't be disappointed as I've always wanted to try the place. The chain even has restaurants in New York City too, but I've never been  there either.
The front of Go Go Curry.  It is hard to miss.
Just inside the door was the ordering machine where you order your meal and it gives you a ticket that you present to the staff when you take a seat at the counter. Works much like many ramen restaurants.
The inside of the store had this homey "I've been in business for decades" kind of feel with posters on the walls and photo snapshots of different locales.  The staff looked like they were enjoying their work and the other diners were just chowing down on their food.  I just ordered their original katsu curry (pork cutlet curry) as I had never tried it before.  I had to wait a few minutes, but the finished product arrived as advertised.  The katsu cutlet looked beautifully done and the rich dark curry was intriguing.  I happen to like shredded cabbage and it was a very nice addition to the dish.
My glass of water and their classic pork tonkatsu curry.  Under all that curry sauce is a bed of fluffy white rice.
Closeup of the tasty curry and nicely breaded and fried tonkatsu (pork) cutlet.
The curry was delicious!  I savoured every bite, often having a little bit of katsu mixed with curry roux and rice, but soon enough it was all gone.  The portion was on the larger side, but my appetite was way larger at the moment as I had been walking around the Imperial Palace East Gardens earlier in the morning.

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