Geocraper Miniatures of Tokyo For Dioramas

Ever want to build your own city scape?  Play Sim City in tactile 3D?  Well, there is a line of miniatures called Geocraper from Japan.  I have a set and saw some nice display dioramas in some of the toy stores in Akihabara.  These are very detailed little miniature buildings that can be used to build a city in a grid plan.  The neatest set is the Evangelion City Set which is based off of the remake movies.  The sets come with the Third Angel and EVA-01, and showcase the solar arrays and evangelion elevator to the surface.  Now you can setup your own Tokyo-3.  As usual there are way more cool toys than you have room for or money to buy as these high quality miniatures are not cheap either, as they run about 4000 yen for the Tokyo set, and 7800 yen for the Evangelion set.  Places like Hobbylink and AmiAmi sell them online if you really want one.  There are photos online where people have combined multiple Geocraper sets and some custom pieces to make truly large city scapes.

A couple of years ago I splurged for a Tokyo set as these were really new then and I thought they were really cool.  I still think they are really cool and have them in a box right now as I don't have any room for them.  Each block has a square base and you can assemble them together anyway you like in a grid.
Tokyo Set with Tokyo Tower and freeway.
Building closeup.
Building closeup.
You could have some real fun with these under the right lighting and backdrop.
Anyhow, these are pretty cool little models and I'm sure diorama enthusiasts must get a kick out of these.

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