Camp Curry (Camp Express Shinagawa) For A Tasty Meal

I saw a blog post or news article about Camp Curry years ago.  It sounded kind of fun as the restaurant has a camping theme.  If you watch enough anime, you know one of the more common camping foods to make in Japan is curry!  So a restaurant themed with the outdoors and tasty curry was very appealing to me.  So this last trip to Tokyo was a bunch of firsts for me, and that included my first meal at a Camp Express - a variant of Camp Curry found in train stations.  I've seen one in Ikebukuro Station, know there is a restaurant well south of Shibuya Station, and I managed to Google up this newer branch in Shinagawa Station.

One of the things about anticipation is that expectations can get overbuilt.  Camp Curry did not disappoint me I'm glad to report.  I found the restaurant in Shinagawa Station fairly easily and hopped into a short dinner line.  The wait staff was really nice and I was quickly handed an English menu when they realized I didn't read Japanese.  You basically get to pick a curry type and can then do a few customizations.  I ordered a fully-loaded vegetables curry with minced chicken.  This is one of the curry places where you do get lots of fresh veggies - it also looked popular with women when I was there too.  After seating at the bar, I got to admire the decor.  There is a heavy use of rustic woodwork with camp lanterns and other paraphernalia hung up on beams and on the walls.  The cooks wear outdoors sun hats and your water comes in a steel camping mug.  Your spoon looks like a shovel to help you eat faster :) too.  I could see the cooks pan fry my veggies and sauce and then it was served up pretty quickly.
Camp Express
English menu.  As usual, you can eat pretty good in Japan for 900 to 1200 yen.
My curry dish came in a hot metal skillet, with a nice side of rice.  It smelled great and my first bite tasted great too.  I was very glad I came to eat here and I'd definitely like to have another one of their curries again.  Almost wish places like this would open up at home.
My eating space and meal.
Closeup of the curry and rice.  Lots of vegetables and it was a very tasty curry.

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