Monday, April 2, 2018

Nissin Big Cup Chicken Ramen White Broth Special

This is a special Chicken or Chiken Ramen Big Cup Noodle with White Broth from Nissin.  I grabbed this off of a convenience store shelf when I was in Tokyo in December 2017.  Chicken Ramen was the world's first instant noodle that was invented 60 years ago in 1958 by Nissin Foods founder Ando Momofuku.  To commemorate the 60th anniversary of the launch in 2018, Nissin released this "rich" chicken noodles as the first with this new taste.  This ramen uses a soup stock from roasted chicken with soy sauce and a thickened white soup base that is loaded with chicken umami.  Other ingredients include steamed chicken, egg, green onions, and a flavour kick from fried onions.
The front of the cup all done in gold to give it a deluxe feel.  Some of the cup noodles are packaged in very bright colours, but this one is going for sophistication and luxury.  The gold also befits the fact it is chicken which is usually represented by brighter, lighter colours.  The bold white graphics on the gold background stand out nicely and tower over the image of the noodles and ingredients below.  I haven't mentioned this in awhile, but the Nissin noodle cups are made out of paper and not styrofoam, but they have a soft insulating foam exterior that holds colour printing beautifully.
This is a regular chicken ramen bowl.  You can see the logos and colour differences by comparing the photos.
The golden lid to the special cup of noodle.  It is shiny and very bright.  I makes you think the contents are really deluxe.  Again, the white print on a gold background works beautifully for a luxury feel.
The side of the cup showing nutritional information.
The other side of the cup with the 60th Anniversary logo and the chicken ramen mascot.
Ingredients and manufacturing information.  The white horizontal stripes are a nice touch to break up the gold background.  Regular chicken ramen packaging uses an orange background with white stripes so this decoration carries on the brand theme.
Another view of the front of the cup.  You can see the noodle soup photo shows a thick looking soup.  I love the little chick mascot.  The noodles are elegantly presented in the photo as a bowl of soup anyone would find appetizing.
Opening the lid shows a chicken ramen that doesn't look like the regular chicken ramen at all.
The ingredients for the Chicken Ramen White Broth include a hefty portion of powdered soup stock, freeze-dried egg, green onion, chicken pieces, and a hefty portion of dried fried onions (right side).  This is very different from the regular chicken ramen due to the powdered soup stock.  There was a faint and pleasant odor of chicken from the ingredients when I sniffed the the open cup.  The noodles did not look like regular chicken ramen noodles either as they were not covered in the normal orangish roasted chicken seasoning.
The soup stock in regular chicken ramen bowls is infused into the noodles themselves so there is no powder.  And the ingredients are in a freeze-dried brick.
After adding boiling water to the fill line pressure embossed on the inside of the cup and waiting three minutes
The smell of roasted chicken wafted from the cup when I lifted the lid.  The ingredients rehydrated very nicely and actually showed up nicely distributed over the top of the noodles.  The fried onions showed up in all of their glistening glory and I wondered how they would add to the taste of the soup.
Another view of the cup and the toppings on ramen soup.
I then gave everything in the cup a good stir to make sure that all of the soup powder was dissolved.  To my surprise, the fried onions kind of vanished - like they dissolved into the soup.  My first taste of the soup proved that the soup was as good as it smelled.  It was very reminiscent of the regular chicken ramen with a richer and more pronounced flavour.  I think the thicker broth, the infusion of more chicken broth/fat and the fried onions made for a much tastier soup.  The ingredients all rehydrated nicely too and the noodles were nice and firm.  I think they succeeded in making a more deluxe chicken ramen to celebrate the 60th anniversary and I'm glad I managed to try it.  All in all, this was yummy and I'd easily have another one if I had one.
Closeup of the noodles and some of the toppings like egg and green onion.

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