Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Seven Samurai Miniatures

The Seven Samurai is a masterpiece of a movie that has inspired generations of film makers and entertained countless millions since it was made in 1954.  Coincidentally, the original Godzilla was also made that same year with its story that is strong in metaphors about the evils of nuclear warfare.  The Seven Samurai is about a small village threatened by bandits during a lawless period in Japan and the lordless samurai that are recruited to protect them (see this Wikipedia article about the movie).
Seven Samurai Figures
Kaiyodo released miniature figures of all the hero samurai back in 2006, almost 12 years ago.  These were very nicely detailed miniature figures.  The bases are about the sizes of bottle caps for your reference.  It was quite finicky to assemble them with their teeny little swords.  With this set, you also have Akira Kurosawa (the director) and a camera crew so you can film your own version of the seven samurai.
In sepia  - so it is old fashioned.
The guy with the two handed sword on the left is Kikuchiyo (Toshiro Mifune), the comedy relief in the movie, the next samurai is Gorobei, the second in command, and the serious guy on the right is Kambei, the leader of the samurai.  I really like Kikuchiyo and Kambei.  If you haven't seen the movie, this is one of the movies that made samurai famous in the 20th century.  The western movie, The Magnificent Seven, is basically an homage to this movie and it too is a classic.
The front and back of the miniatures boxes.
Lights, camera..., action!
All of the miniatures with Kambei leading.
Seven Samurai.  Their names are on the bases so you won't get them mixed up!

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