Hello Kitty and Pokemon Airliners

Hello Kitty Airliner - 2nd GenerationEVA Airways is a Taipei based airline, but they have been running a Hello Kitty plane since 2005.
Flickr / sewitsforyou
These are photos of the second generation plane.  The inflight photos are from inside the second generation plane enroute from Sapporo to Taiwan Taoyuan.  The theme is cute, but I wouldn't mind flying on the plane and have seen photos of very serious business men on it - after all you have to get to your destination.  Apparently there are plane loads of women of all ages who try to book this plane for the kawaii!

EVA A330-203 (B-16309 "Hello Kitty")  Flickr / Hyougushi
First Generation Hello Kitty Headrest Paper  Flickr / Richy
Hello Kitty Tea  Flickr / Luke Lai
Hello Kitty Paper Cups  Flickr / Luke Lai
Hello Kitty Menu  Flickr / Luke Lai
Hello Kitty Meal  / Luke Lai
 It's too bad they don't have Hello Kitty gashapon machines onboard too!
Hello Kitty Gashapon Machine  Flickr / jpellgen

Pokemon Airliners ANA
After the appearance of Pokémon in 1996, All Nippon Airways unveiled the first Pokémon Jets in 1998, timed with the release of Pokémon: The First Movie.  They have had Pokemon airliners ever since.  In 2011, a Boeing 777-300 was painted in a Pokémon livery featuring characters from the Pokémon Black and White videogame.  Again, I wouldn't mind flying this plane too!  Look up Pokemon Jets in Wikipedia - yes it has its own article for those plane spotters!

Pokemon 747  Flickr / katrinket
Pokemon 747  Flickr / juandesant
Headrest Paper  Flickr / By Leonard Chien
Paper Cup  Flickr / By Leonard Chien

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