Pokemon Center Store In Tokyo

The Pokemon Center described in this article in Hamamatsucho closed in December of 2014 and a new larger center called the Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo has opened to replace it up in Ikebukuro at Sunshine City.

A new post with the address of the new store is here.

Archive article follows
This place is a Pokemon fan's paradise on Earth.  I'm surprised they haven't made a Pokemon episode that actually happens in a Pokemon store - but you know I wouldn't be surprised if they did as I haven't seen all of the hundreds of episodes of Pokemon.  There is so much Pokemon merchandise in here from candy, capsule toys, cards, stuffed animals, t-shirts, jewellry, vinyl figures, the video games, etc.  There are even Pokemon instant noodles with pokemon shapes!
Pokemon Center in Hamamatsucho, Tokyo  by Tostzilla
The store is a long block away from the Hamamatsucho Train Station and if you are taking the Yamanote Line to get there, look for the store from the platform as you can see the signage (with the recent power conservation measures - it is hard to see at night).Hit this link to download a PDF map to the store. www.pokemon.co.jp/gp/pokecen/english/images/map_tokyo_e.pdf
Outside of the store!   by Tostzilla
As soon as you enter the store, you are subject to the catchy Pokemon game music and immediately have video game flashbacks.  Working here all day must either mean you are going to tune the music out, or go insane. I'm sure there has been more than one meltdown by a small child in this store who cannot get all 6000 of the toys they want or maybe even an adult Pokemon fan who realizes they don't have sufficient monetary resources to get all of the possible loot in this store.  I still remember playing Pokemon Blue waaay back and have fond memories of the game.  Just started working my way through Pokemon Platinum right now whenever I'm not playing through Deus Ex.  Pokemon the original series with Ash just starting out and Pokemon Orange Islands were my favourites out of all of the series.

I was at the store on a weeknight when it wasn't overrun with kids and it was a pleasant place to shop.  I picked up some souvenirs for the kids, a t-shirt for myself, the pokemon noodles, and a bunch of capsule toys I didn't see anywhere else.  Another wonderful toy store that is worth a visit is Kiddyland in Harajuku, which is also quite amazing, just check out my link to it here!
Gashapon in yellow dispensers!  By Tostzilla

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