Kaiju (Monster-sized) Burgers

Hamburgers ( ハンバーガー ) are nothing new in Japan, and they even have a long standing tradition of eating Hamburg Steak.  There are many fast food chains with imports like McDonalds and Burger King and the home grown ones like MOS Burger, Lotteria, etc.  They do have a share of their kaiju burgers that first started out with the Mega Mac that was first sighted in Tokyo Bay way back in 2006.  While this burger is nothing close to Godzilla's size, it was impressive for its time.
Mega Mac   Flickr / Viet Hoang

The Mega Mac isn't much of a monster burger these days as it is just a double Big Mac, but larger beasts have emerged from the ocean depths to ravage Japan. Take a look at the Windows 7 Whopper below, it could probably feed a tank battalion from the JSDF.
Whopper   Flickr / avlxyz
But this burger is just another baby compared to this unknown monster sighted somewhere on the Japanese main island.  The spotting plane mysteriously vanished in a flash of light after reporting it.
BK Mega Whopper (10 Patties) Burger   Flickr / RellyAB
In 2011 Burger King launched a pizza sized burger that is 22 cm in diameter, but at least this beast could be shared by friends once you bring it down with massed gunfire.
Pizza Burger   Flickr / TAKA@P.P.R.S
There are many other types of kaiju burgers, but these beasts are not isolated to Japan as they have been sighted in other countries.  Apparently McDonalds USA has something called an Air Sea Land burger that is made of a beef patty, a filet o fish patty, and a chicken patty (but apparently it is difficult to order - part of the Area 51 classified projects).
The United Kingdom also has a few kaiju as you can see at the links below.


As for myself, this little burger actually looks downright tasty and is even associated with a cute bunny. It couldn't possibly be a kaiju could it?
Flickr / chrissam42

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