Shiodome Megaplex

The Shiodome is a redevelopment of an old industrial area along Tokyo Bay into a pretty futuristic megaplex.  Places like this and Roppongi Hills are incredible set pieces of urban development.  The development runs right along side the railtracks and the Yamanote Line.  You can follow the railway tracks south from Ginza to reach Shiodome.  Shiodome station and Shinbashi station are also connected with an underground walkway and a pedestrian deck. JR lines, subway lines and the Yurikamome line stop at these stations.
Train tracks by the Shiodome by sinkdd
Shiodome Shio-Site is a group of utra-modern skyscrapers that are home to some of Japan's top companies, including Nippon TV and Kyodo News. The overall design of the Shiodome very techie with lots of steel and concrete which some people don't like, but I really like it as it looks like the future.  There are attractions worth checking out here along with many restaurants and major hotels.
Shiodome Pedestrian Deck / Tostzilla
The Shio-Site buildings are all connected by an extensive pedestrian deck that linke to subway, train and monorail.  This pedestrian deck is three stories off the ground and you would think you are at ground level for large parts of it until you get to someplace where you look over the side!  There are gardens and parks at that this level.  This is futuristic and I suppose street level is dimmer as it is under all of this. Many of the buildings are also connected above ground, at ground level, and underground with walkways and malls that are very impressive to see.
Shiodome by Night   Flickr / oisa
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Shiodome City Center
Shiodome City Center, which is known for its modern architectural design, with many corporate offices and restaurants gathered upon the building.There are great views from the upper-level restaurants.

Caretta Shiodome
Another mall and set of restaurants in the area.  Great views from the elevator!
Shiodome can easily be combined with an early-morning visit to Tsukiji fish market, and you can also pick up the Yurikamome monorail from here to zip out to Odaiba.  The Yurikamome line runs on magnets and is a driverless train.  If you wish to go to Diver City (to see the giant Gundam) or anywhere else on Odaiba, you can take this line from the Shiodome.

A few links to shopping, other attractions (such as the advertising museum/) at Wikitravel, and dining suggestions in the Shiodome, some with views at Chowhound.

At the Shiodome, there are many attractions other than the shopping malls such as Shiodome City Center.  Some of these attractions I have written about and are covered at the posts below:
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Identifies a number of the buildings here for you.  For example, you can orient yourself to find the Ghibli Clock at the NTT building.


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