Thursday, March 1, 2012

Evangelion & Macross Frontier Music Videos

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Today, I am going to talk about three of my favourite anime songs that were mixed for Evangelion 1.11 + 2.22 and Macross Frontier.  Evangelion is set to Beautiful World and the others are set to Lion and Universal Bunny.

I really enjoyed the Evangelion remake movies, liking the 1.11 movie more as it seemed to capture the essence of the characters more.  The second movie was full of action, but it felt like a movie in the middle with too many characters suddenly popping up, even if one of them was Asuka and the mysterious Mari who seems to like the smell of LCL in the morning.  Beautiful World was a wonderful end song for the movies and I think it set the tone perfectly.

As for the Macross Frontier movies, I wish I could see them properly as full DVD / Blu-ray releases, but NO, we can't get the movies or the show over here in North America due to some weird set of legal / licensing issues.  Getting the movies from Japan doesn't work either as they don't subtitle them and I'm not paying big coin for something I can't fully appreciate.  I kind of wish they would subtitle (Bandai does it for Gundam Unicorn) - as it would be an easy way for the production companies to target international sales.  From what I have seen though, the animation in these movies is awesome and so is the music of Sheryl Nome. Lion and Universal Bunny are my two favourite songs from Macross with Voices from the old Macross Plus OVA running a close third.

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