Friday, February 3, 2012

Gundam Front Tokyo at Diver City In Odaiba

The giant 1/1 scale Gundam being rebuilt in Odaiba is the front piece for Diver City.  Inside Diver City Tokyo Plaza, on the 7th floor of the building, a small Gundam Theme Park named Gundam Front Tokyo will open on April 19 of 2012 and was still up as of June 2013 so it looks like it will be around for a bit.

UPDATE: April 2017, the RX-78-2 was taken down in March of 2017.  A Unicorn Gundam is supposed to be raised in the fall of 2017 to replace it.  The exact timing is not known at this time.

So, not only will you get the see the big robot, you will get a big robot experience.  Diver City Tokyo is a commercial complex with a shopping mall, food court, event space, a roof top park, and gets its name from combining the words diversity + city.  There is even a Mai Dreaming Maid Cafe inside the mall and conveyor belt sushi on the top floor!
My RX78-2 Giant Gundam Shot.  It was awesome to see it in person.

Visit the travelogue of my visit to Tokyo in February 2013 with Giant Gundam and Gundam Front at this site! I hit most of the tourist highlights so you can get a good idea of the cool things to see in general.
Giant Gundam Outside of Diver City
Big Feet!
If you're interested in real robot anime mecha which Gundam blazed a trail for you can also hit my post on it here.  You can also see my Pacific Rim and Giant Mecha post here for more big robot info.

The official Gundam Front website:

Gundam Front is about 22000 square feet of space, with Gundam models, mockups, a dome theater, and photo posing opportunities inside.  Admission for adults is 1000 yen, but there will be plenty of free stuff to see and there will be tons of Gundam merchandise in the gift shops.  One of the things about Japan, they know how to do gift shops. Just like Disney I love their gift shops with the properly themed merchandise, even if don't consume nearly as much as they would like.  A second Gundam Cafe will also open here but the one in Akihabara would still be the main one for cafes.

Below is a map to Odaiba locations, including Diver City.

The main way to get there is from Shinbashi station in the Shiodome (see my article about the Shiodome here).  From here you take the Yurikamome monorail over the Rainbow Bridge and get off at Daiba station or Fune-no-kagakukan station.  At Daiba station you are near a whole whack of malls like the Decks or Pallet Town, etc.  You need to go behind some buildings such as the Fuji TV building to get to the Gundam which is a 5 minute walk away and not visible until you get around all the buildings.  Fune-no-kagakukan is further down the same monorail line and you can also walk there from this station.  You can also get there from another direction via the Tokyo Teleport station on the Rinkai line.

Can't wait to go and see one day.  It is basically located right behind the Fuji TV building.  You could make a long day here on the island by taking the monorail over to see the Miraikan Technology Museum, the Maritime Museum, then make a medium-ish walk over to Diver City for Gundam action, Fuji TV for cool architecture, and Pallet Town if you need to hit another mall or a big arcade.  Don't forget to stop at a konbini to load up on drinks and snacks at the first possible opportunity as you are on an expedition!

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  1. Excuse me
    I will go to Tokyu by 10th April 2013
    But you will show Gundam until March 2013,
    so please give me a chance to take a photo with him,,,, and let's me know please.
    where is the gundum, when I arrive Tokyu.

  2. Hi,
    I am not sure what to say as I believe the Gundam was suppose to come down at the end of March 2013. I just did another quick search of the internet and most web sites say nothing and a few indicate it was suppose to be March 2013. Does anyone know if it is still up or was held over longer?
    As for where it is. The Google map above shows exactly where it is. It is right outside the front entrance to the Diver City Mall that is on the east side of the building.

    Good luck.

    1. I finally found a blog post for a trip dated April 4, 2013 at According to this guy the Gundam is still up so I guess it is staying for awhile!

  3. Hi all

    I was there today and it is still up 24-06-13.

  4. Awesome. Big robot goodness continues. Thanks for the update!


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