This is the Tokyo travelogue page.  There are multiple travelogues here, but the focus changes over time to cover more specific topics.  There is some common material between them, but the perspective changes over time as I get older and wiser!

Tokyo Trip 2017
  1. Visiting Tokyo and Kamakura In December 2017
  2. Giant Unicorn Gundam and IREX Robot Exhibition in Tokyo 2017
  3. Atago Shrine and Toranomon Hills in Shimbashi
  4. Shimbashi Scenes Both Night and Day
  5. Giant Godzilla Head Up Close and Godzilla Store Shinjuku
  6. Hokusai Museum and the Skytree Town Pokemon Center
  7. Around Akihabara
  8. Bandai Tamashi Nations Show In Akihabara Dec 2017
  9. Akihabara Girls Und Panzer Display at Gamers
  10. Snacking on the Go in Tokyo - onigiri, sandwiches, karaage, ...
  11. Morning Views of the Tokyo Skytree 
  12. Christmas Illuminations in Tokyo (Fantastic Lights at Caretta Shiodome and Tokyo Midtown)
  13. Asakusa Tori No Ichi Shrine Festival
  14. Tokyo Banana Kit Kats (+ Japanese Treats From My 2017 Trip)
  15. Delicious Tokyo Ramen at Ippudo, Ichiran, Chiyogami, Kamukura, and Soranoiro Nippon
  16. My Kamakura Highlights - Part 1 (Engakuji, Kenchoji, Hachimangu)
  17. My Kamakura Highlights - Part 2 (Great Buddha, Hasedera, Zeniarai Benten) 
Tokyo and Kyoto Trip Fall 2016 
  1. Whirlwind Tour Through Tokyo and Kyoto
  2. Kyoto Trip Highlights - Amazing Sights
  3. Pokemon Go As You Travel In Tokyo And Kyoto
  4. Fushimi Inari Visit - A Shinto Fairy Tale
  5. Eating Well While Travelling In Japan - Part 1 (without breaking the bank)
  6. Eating Well While Travelling In Japan - Part 2 - Kyoto Dining (Ekiben, Bullet Trains, Fushimi Inari Food Stalls)
  7. Eating Well While Travelling In Japan - Part 3 - Kyoto Dining (Nishiki Market Grazing)
  8. Eating Well While Travelling In Japan - Part 4 - Kyoto Dining (Kyoto Style Sushi, Arashimaya, and Kinkakuji
  9. Eating Well While Travelling In Japan - Part 5 - Kyoto Dining (Gion, Ootoya, Kiyomizudera, Kyoto Station Ramen)
  10. Eating Well While Travelling In Japan - Part 6 - Tokyo Finale (kaiten sushi, takoyaki, and curry)
 Tokyo 2013 Travelogue
  1. Return To Tokyo 2013 Highlights For Anime and Regular Tourists
  2. Tokyo 2013 Trip Highlights: Day 1 - Giant Gundam in Odaiba, Sumida River Cruise, and Tokyo Skytree
  3. Tokyo 2013 Trip Highlights: Day 2 Part1 - Meiji Shrine, Jangara Ramen, Harajuku, Tokyu Plaza, Kiddyland
  4. Tokyo 2013 Trip Highlights: Day 2 Part 2 - Harajuku, Evangelion Store, Shibuya Crossing, Hikari Building
  5. Tokyo 2013 Trip Highlights: Day 3 Pt 1 - Ueno Park, National Museum, Ippudo Ramen, and Ameyoko 
  6. Tokyo 2013 Trip Highlights: Day 3 Pt 2 - Akihabara, Gundam Cafe, Yodobashi Camera, Akiba Zone
  7. Tokyo 2013 Trip Highlights: Day 4 - Sensoji Shrine, Nakamise Street, Kappenbashi, Ginza, Miyazaki Clock 
  8. Tokyo 2013 Trip Highlights: Day 5 - Ghibli Museum, Nakano Broadway, Shinjuku By Night
  9. Tokyo 2013 Trip Highlights: Day 6 - Yokohama Nissin Cup Noodle Museum, Ekibenya Matsuri, Shinyokohama Ramen Museum, Tokyo Character Street, and Pokemon Centre.
  10. Tokyo 2013 Trip Highlights: Day 7 Part 1 - Modern Art Day, Japan Media Arts Festival, Roppongi Hills, Mori Museum, National Art Center
  11. Tokyo 2013 Trip Highlights: Day 7 Part 2 - Artnia (the Square Enix Cafe), Tokyu Hands, and the Ikebukuro Animate Store
Tokyo 2015 Trip Related Posts
  1. Tokyo Kit Kat Chocolatory in Ikebukuro and the Many Types of Japanese Kit Kat
  2. A Morning In Ikkebukuro (Animate Store, Pokemon Store, Kit Kats, and Evangelion Store)
  3. Banana Vending Machine in Shibuya and Nissin Instant Ramen Popup Diners 
  4. Shinjuku's Underground Labyrinth (or The Tunnels of Shinjuku)
  5. Tokyo Skytree and the Giant Macross Valkyrie 
  6. Giant Godzilla Head in Shinjuku at Toho Cinemas
  7.  Ramen Street at Tokyo Station and Ichiran in Shibuya (2015)
  8. A Visit to Tsukiji Market in April 2015
  9. Kanda Myojin, The Love Live Shrine, in Akihabara
  10. Here is another post about Akihabara I did awhile back.
  11. An Afternoon In Akihabara Part 1
  12. An Afternoon in Akihabara Part 2
  13. An Afternoon in Akihabara Part 3
  14. The Tokyo Tower Experience (The Classic Red One) and Zojoji Temple 
  15. Retro Tokyo Mini-Theme Park (Showa Era) at the Decks with Takoyaki Too!
Videos That Make You Want To Visit Japan

The Tokyo Craze 2009 Travelogue Webcomic
Tokyo Craze Webcomic only - at Flickr.

My Page on Anime and Japanese Pop Culture Information Documents (PDF files)

Tokyo Craze 2009 Travelogue pages are listed below.
  1. Tokyo-craze-part-01 Arrival in Tokyo, Shinjuku Station, Shinjuku Prince, Shibuya
  2. Tokyo-craze-part-02 Shinjuku, Tokyo Metropolitan City Hall Building, Harajuku, Omotesando, Yodobashi Camera Akiba
  3. Tokyo-craze-part-03 Ueno Park, National Museum, Museum of Natural History, Ginza, Toho Studios Godzilla
  4. Tokyo-craze-part-04 Hei Jinja, Ghibli Museum, Mori Tower, Mori Museum, Skyview, Akihabara
  5. Tokyo-craze-part-05 Asakusa, Sensoji Temple, Kappenbashi, Tokyo Edo Museum
  6. Tokyo-craze-part-06 Shiodome, Ghibli-ish Glockenspiel, Odaiba, Miraikan, Asimo Robot
  7. Tokyo-craze-part-07 Tokyo Disneysea
  8. Tokyo-craze-part-08 Yokohama Ramen Museum, Tokyo Tower
  9. Tokyo-craze-part-09 Tokyo Observations + Why I Like Tokyo
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